That one Item you just can't adult.

I love being tidy and organising my home and styling up a storm whenever I can. If you come into my house everything is matching and beautifully laid out. Yes I am one of those annoying people that has to have their throw blanket styled "effortlessly" in an incredibly precise way. You say OCD, I say presentable.

But I can't deny there is one thing in my home I just don't style…

My towels. Yep, that's right I just don't care about towels. Is that weird coming from a person who always styles there home? Towels to me are like underwear and socks. You need them, but really you don't want to spend money on them. Don't get me wrong I like my towels to be soft and big, but the thought of spending money on such an item is a total drag. Maybe its because they are a necessity or maybe its because you don't go into your bathroom that often. I just can't bring myself to become an adult and invest in beautiful towels that all match. I have friends that get so excited over towels and bed linen with epic thread count but me, well I find my self drifting off to look at more cushions I just don't need….

Tell me I’m not the only one that has one thing in their home they just don’t love to spend money or time on?

- Lila Marie.

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