That junk drawer…

OK, can we get real about something for a second? No matter what walk of life you are from there seems to be a constant feature in everyone’s home. Whether you are a crazy cat lady, a mum with three kids or that university student pretending to adult on a daily basis, everyone seems to have at least one junk drawer.

You know that drawer I'm talking about. The one with random old batteries, paperwork you haven't dealt with, charges for god knows what, keys (why do we always have so many keys?!), I could go on and on. And even if you are a tidy person, it's as if you let that tidiness go when it comes to that one junk drawer because everyone has one right?

Or do they…

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is life without a junk drawer. I know because I don't have one. A junk drawer. I have a life, obviously. Not one, not one small draw anywhere in my home for just a few random things I just don't know what to do with or that don't seem to match anything. That's right I have managed to remove the junk drawer from my life!

Don't get me wrong, I have a couple of drawers with miscellaneous objects in them, but be very clear this does not a junk drawer make. I know exactly what I have in them, and it is organised. I like to refer to these drawers as the random object drawers. But this is not junk, and I will tell you why. Firstly I know every object that is in them, and every object has a purpose. Want to know what is in my version of the classic "junkdrawer"?

1) Tea towels (my miscellaneous drawer is in my kitchen and being that my kitchen is small my drawers often have to be multipurpose)

2) My baking paper and aluminum foil

3) A large amount of sticky tape rolls I have somehow accumulated (don't ask, I have reasons)

4) A container with rubber bands in it from the ends of vegetables. Rubber bands aren't recyclable so I hate throwing them out and you would be surprised how often they come in handy!

5) Reusable straws/ chopsticks. Ok, this is a random category thus it is in this draw. But never the less I know it is in there.

6) My bin linings

7) One charger, which belongs to our handheld vacuum, which lives in the kitchen for quick mess clean-ups.

Organised Junk Drawer

Miscellaneous objects. But not junk. And why do I tell you this? Because I am sick of hearing the excuse of everyone has a junk drawer as if it's a way of getting out of going through yours! People its ONE drawer… we aren't talking about tidying a whole house just one drawer… one tiny drawer of crap. It's an easy task to clean, I guarantee it will take you a maximum of 15 minutes, but you will feel better after cleaning it out.

So what are my tips for cleaning out your junk drawer?

1) Pull that drawer out and dump all of its contents on your floor. You heard me… pull it all out! You can't see all the stuff in it if you just rummage through the top of it.

2) Get rid of any items if you don't know what they belong to. Those old keys you are holding onto in case you figure out what they belong too, honey you ain't never going to remember. Those wires and cables that you are sure were for something at some point. I hear you ask "but what if I need them in the future?”, I guarantee when you get a new TV or computer, or Wi-Fi that one of those cables probably belonged to you are going to forget that the cable you need is in your junk drawer and go to your local store and rebuy that same cable. Let it go, it's doing you no good. If you don't know what it's for it is no longer serving its purpose, put it in the bin.

3) Paperwork. Firstly is it actually essential and needs to be filled with your paperwork that you should be holding onto? Or is it that you were just too lazy to deal with it after paying the bill you just shoved the paper in that drawer instead of in the bin because a drawer is easy. Yeah, I see you… stop it! Put the paper in the bin-recycling please.

4) Think about why it is in that drawer. Should those random assortments of pens be somewhere else? The reason I don't have random junk in my drawers is everything has a place. I have a box, which has all of my stationery in it. I have a toolbox for all of my random tools, screws, sticky things for hanging art on my wall etc. I have a box for my sentimental items. Everything has a place in my home so that a junk drawer isn't needed. Are there items in that drawer that belong somewhere else?

5) Don't clean it then forget about it! It will just become your junk drawer again before you know it. I know I am a stickler for going through items periodically but once you have cleaned out your junk drawer don't go back to your old habits of sticking anything in it when you can't be bothered to put it back in its rightful place. Clean it out, then keep it clean!

So let me ask you this: Are you going to hold onto that excuse of having a junk drawer? Or is it time that you said goodbye to excuses and hello to an organised life.

-Lila Marie

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