Lila Marvell is someone many would call an all rounder... She is more likely to say, someone with too many interests. A Photographer, Makeup artist, and Visual Merchandiser based in Sydney, Lila has you covered for just about anything.


From working on campaigns to merchandising the shop floor Lila can look after you from start to finish. With over ten years experience in the fashion industry Lila knows what you need every step of the way. Quick and efficient, the clients vision is always her top priority. 


One to think outside of the box she knows how to push your imagery to a new level. Whether that is through makeup that brings out your unique beauty . Photography that showcases individually.  Or the unique ability to sit back and analyse a business head to toe and work out how your customer ticks.

No matter what avenue you hire Lila under you know one thing will be certain, your visuals will stand out from the crowd.


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