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Creative Director & Photographer

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Welcome to Lila Maries moments, I'm Lila Marvell a Creative Director and Photographer specialising in Food, Products and People.

I am here to help you create, plan and deliver your brand vision. 

With so many things to do in your business coming up with imagery can just be another hurdle to cover. I'm here to help take that stress away, to listen to the message you are wanting to portray for your clients and turn that into something visual. 


This isn’t a moment for me to bring in my own style, this photoshoot is all about you. 


  • What would you like your consumers to feel? 

  • What colours does your brand use?

  • What is totally off brand?

These are the type of questions we will go through on our first call to ensure we are creating unique images for your business.


Let’s create a set of images that are custom to your brand, that helps you stand out from your competition.


Anyone can have nice photos, not everyone can tell a story through their imagery. 

Servicing all of Greater Sydney.

"Lila is honestly the best photographer I've ever worked with. Her photos speak for themselves, stunning... but what really impresses me is that she takes the time to understand myself and my brand and brings that to life with the final product."

Adam - Buddha Bowl

The Process

So you have an amazing idea but don't know what to do with it. Or worse yet you have no ideas, you just aren't a visual person, why do we have to be good at everything?! (overwhelm come at me)


Take a breathe...


It's my job to figure that out. I love working with clients that have all the ideas and just can’t pick one and the ones who haven't got a clue. I made the thing, shouldn't it just sell itself?


I’m here to sort through all of your ideas (or lack thereof). Ask questions about what you want to convey to your clients and create visuals that match.


Want head shots that say warm and approachable? Respected and knowledgeable?


Or want a product that says fresh and healthy? Or expensive and exclusive?


Want food that makes people want to lick their screen? Gross I know but i’ve heard way too many people say it about my food images not to think there maybe some truth in it.



No matter the vision, the first step in the process is speaking to you about your business to create a personalised look for your brand.


It's shoot time.


With all the prelim work done it's time to shoot. Either on set or with product delivered to my door this can be as hands on or hands off as you like. 


Don't want to deal with anything? Ship me the product and I'll do the whole set up from creating recipes, to providing props for your photo shoots to lighting and editing all without you having to lift a finger.


Like to be in control? It's ok, I'm the same, why do you think I work for myself. I can come to you with my full lighting gear and props and we can shoot from a location of your choice. You can even jump on board with styling to bring your vision to life if that's your jam.


Shoots range from 2 hours to a full day depending on the range of styling and images required.



The finale


In one weeks time I will have the final images over to you for your viewing pleasure. Whilst waiting at home dreaming of the moment I get to hear “We love the images so much!” 


Book a consultation today.


Best food photography we have ever had!

Adam, Buddha Bowl


Lila knows how to capture & story tell like no other photographer.

Gabrielle, WatchCraze

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